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08/25/2001 Entry: "Did I find my spot or not?"

My mother will appreciate this one. It's not clear to me if the survey at Find My Spot is ranked or not. But if it is, my top five places to live are:

• Washington, District of Columbia (The World's Greatest Capital)
• Little Rock, Arkansas (Where America Comes Together. Bring me a towel!)
• Portland, Oregon (City of Roses)
• Baltimore, Maryland (The Sparkling Harbor City)
San Jose, California (The Silicon Capital, and my hometown.)

Maybe mom would let me move back in if I asked nicely. (San Francisco actually ended up lucky number 13 on my list, behind Oakland, New Orleans and Boston. So maybe I'm not too far off.)

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ahem... baltimore is actually "charm city"... fools!

Posted by regan, hon! @ 08/27/2001 03:02 PM PST

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