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08/27/2001 Entry: "Hi, Explosives!"

No pressure or anything, but:

1. Our group's live server at work (which I'm 'in charge' of) had its permissions scrambled this morning.
2. Our development server lost a large number of files this weekend for critical projects today.
3. The key player for the project we scheduled for review Friday is out on vacation after Wednesday.
4. Our site launch on Friday is supposed to have a custom URL, which I hope is ready.
5. A freelancer has started today and I have to try to get him work to do while dealing with Numbers 1 through 4.

But at least I had a chance to pee this morning. Can I scratch that off my to-do list?

Meanwhile, I keep reading reports of bombs exploding across the country where we're about to travel for vacation. Because, y'know, that makes it more exciting, right? (I'm not really that worried about ETA terrorism while we're there, partly because we're mostly in the south and east parts of Spain. But it's good to be smart about travelling through any dangerous places. The ETA's timing is excellent, nonetheless.)

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