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09/27/2001 Entry: ""Dude, blog all that sh*t, OK?""

Shamelessly stealing a couple of quizzes from Daypop (via Jonno):

Who is your Rockstar Boyfriend? Please ignore their blantant misspellings ("You're band is...") And I got Thom Yorke. Eh. What were my other options?

Match Wits with Miss America. I got them all right, though admittedly there was one I had trouble with.

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Ah, the living presidents question. I read it as 'living former presidents', so I didn't count the W. Of course, I'm not on national tv trying to look pretty, gracious AND smart.

Posted by Bill @ 09/28/2001 08:08 AM PST

Hey, if you got Thom Yorke, you're in good company with me and Prol.

Posted by Jason @ 09/28/2001 11:12 AM PST

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