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09/30/2001 Entry: "Which to do?"

Last day of my vacation. I can either go outside in the sun and look at all the happy kinky people who are invading my neighborhood, or I can stay inside and keep playing American McGee's Alice. Such decisions. (As opposed to this Alice, who wouldn't make as entertaining a video game. But I'd like to see someone try.)

Bonus link: Which character from the Alice game are you?

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I'm the Cheshire Cat. Go fig.

Posted by Jason @ 10/02/2001 12:33 AM PST

(Grinning right back at you.)

Posted by Casey @ 10/02/2001 03:56 PM PST

I'm the Cheshire Cat. Imagine that. :)

Posted by Katrina @ 10/03/2001 02:41 PM PST

To clarify:

1. Yes, I'm a 'tard and didn't read the other comments before I posted my own.

2. No, I didn't intentionally write a rhyming comment.

Posted by Katrina @ 10/03/2001 02:43 PM PST

You can rhyme in my comments any time you like, darlin'.
(Grinning right back at you, too.)

Posted by Casey @ 10/04/2001 05:33 PM PST

Imagine that; I am Alice. I have to admit to being mildly disappointed, although I am in good company.

Posted by David @ 10/06/2001 06:40 PM PST

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