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10/16/2001 Entry: "Linking deasil and widdershins."

Of course I've been Web surfing, in addition to my hard-drinking (snort!) and book-buying.

  • Turns out that I'm most like Princess Leia, and if I were a cat I'd be a persian. (Ooh, Redbook Quizzes! I can feel my free time leaking away already!)
  • Remember the "Magic Eye" book craze? I found these great Parallel SIRDS time wasters...these are pretty good. I can take off my glasses and see the things right away, much to the annoyance of those people who can't see them. ("I don' see no fucking effalunt....")
  • So it's a perversion of nature...they're cute! Presenting the twin piggies: Pinky and Yellowy!
  • Because "Kiss Them For Me" came up recently on filepile, I had to do a little research into Jayne Mansfield and Celebrity Deaths related to Automobiles.
  • It's nice to see the human kindness stories out of the tragedy of Sept. 11: Canadian towns which received diverted planes did their best to be hospitable to the stranded passengers. One such town was Gander, New Foundland, which has gotten so many Thank You notes they've set up a number of Web pages to keep track of them all. Some warm stories there. Hug a Canadian today.

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First Lando, now R2D2. I need to stop taking it before I end up with C3P0 or Jabba or something...

Posted by David @ 10/16/2001 01:25 PM PST

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