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11/16/2001 Entry: "Hot Sauce or Hoisin Sauce?"

So sleepy after my lunchtime burrito, which was not the tastiest thing I've ever eaten either. I've been nodding my head here at my desk barely awake, and consequently I'm not very interesting right now. Try these places instead:

Speaking of hot sauce (were we?), spend some time in the hallowed halls of The Condiment Packet Museum. I love the Internet.
(Link via Chuck, who also pointed out these 'challenging' meat dishes from a trip to Shanghai. I had never contemplated how long a duck's tongue would be.)
"Enjoy your meal!" I found myself agreeing with this essay on Nicespeak—the growing corporatization of public language and speech.
(Link via The Roommate.)
I also found myself nodding in agreement with a lot of these American Crusade 2001 Trading Cards. Topps won't be putting these in their set anytime soon.
And finally, interesting to see that some traditions live on: the XBox GREEN Screen of Death.

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