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11/17/2001 Entry: "Straight-Acting Graphic-Swiping!"

Hey, wait a minute!

I followed somebody's LiveJournal link to the new Straight-Acting.com Job Quiz. The quiz itself? Whatever. The surprise was scrolling down the page to see that they'd stolen my pinkslip graphic from this old story of mine without asking! I'm actually more amused by this than angered by it, but perhaps I'll send them a note asking for a link as repayment, anyway.

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HELL YA!! if it was yours, ask for credit, at least. I found an eBayer had practically lifted my entire Joe Gage page when selling a video - so I sent a polite, yet firm request for credit - he claimed he was sorry, loved my webpages, and would - in the future - credit me, blah, blah, but at least it made him squirm

Posted by bj @ 11/17/2001 06:39 AM PST

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