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11/17/2001 Entry: "Will you talented people just quit it?"

I'm not sure why, but this has been the week for redesigns for sites on my shortlist, and these aren't people who redesign their sites all the time. New art up on the walls at Noah's, patric's, Choire and Philo's, David's,Richard's. Then there are some of my favorite sweeties who've commented on either not enough content or not up their expectations of quality. Bah. I think it's just the zeitgeist that makes us question if what we're posting is of value. Even I have a couple of photoshop files in the works, but I have no idea if anything in them will appear here.

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you're journal is fabulous, read it all the time, check me out sometime!

Posted by Bill @ 11/19/2001 09:32 AM PST

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