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11/21/2001 Entry: "unThanksgiving."

I've always liked Thanksgiving because as holidays go, I found its sentiments sincere. Being thankful for our lives and luck and family and friends? That's something that I can stand behind. However I think as a nation we may be in for one of the most collectively sincere (and potentially saccharine) Thanksgivings I've certainly ever known, if not since it started.

So I will be sincere about it tomorrow. However, as innoculation in case I accidently view any television tomorrow, for today I'm imagining the unThanksgiving: As stuffing falls out the ass of my tofurkey, and to the dissappointed glares of meat-eaters, we're led in prayer by William S. Burroughs. (1.2 Mb MP3) Dinner commences and those with the best table manners go hungry. Afterwards we belch and make napkin brassieres and obscene origami.

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Hee hee . . .

Posted by Paul @ 11/22/2001 11:48 AM PST

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