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12/24/2001 Entry: "Overexcited."

When I was small I used to get excited over Santa Claus visiting on Christmas eve. Now I'm shaking with anticipation for my Amazon.com order to come via UPS. Let's move it! I've got last minute things to do! Groceries to buy! Presents to wrap! Gee, I'm glad I paid for one-day shipping a week ago. C'mon, faster!

Does this mean I'm a grown-up now? Gross.

Of course, the Roommate's order—the one with a present for me in it, he said—came early this morning. But I'm waiting for the one with my presents for other people. Which may explain why the Christmas Quiz said I was the Santa Claus type. No bowl full of jelly remarks, please. (No, the personality quiz madness never ends.)

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