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02/28/2002 Entry: "...And You're Not So Big."

ROCK ON! They Might Be Giants won a Grammy! I'm very pleased for John and John.

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me too, but my goodness i hate that song. now, "flood"...there's an album. or the follow up, with "fingertips." i think i can't get frankie muniz's face out of my head when i hear that song, and so it annoys me. like frankie muniz does. i'm full of bitterness lately. ho hum.

Posted by pj @ 02/28/2002 10:22 AM PST

there's nothing unexpected
but the water giving out
land's not a word we have to shout

Posted by aaron @ 02/28/2002 01:23 PM PST

I find "You're Not the Boss of Me" a comforting mantra at work. It works better as a mantra than a song to sing out loud. A coworker used to sing it out loud all day until he was downsized. He's still looking for someone new to sing it to.

Posted by the boyfriend @ 02/28/2002 04:35 PM PST

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