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02/28/2002 Entry: "Misunderstandings."

Sometime at work recently, when I was really tired, I described something as not "approvaled". The word still makes me giggle. I think I need to make it into a rubber stamp.

A Pottery Barn catalog arrived, and I thought the cover headline ("Paint it White") actually read "Painfully White." Which I wasn't going to disagree with, but thought it was awfully brave of them to admit.

And while I disagree with the broadband Internet deregulation bill (H.R. 1542.), I feel that I can't engage in intelligent debate about it. I just can't help but snicker when I hear "Tauzin-Dingell."

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HA HA HA! your pottery barn misread just made me laugh out loud!

Posted by pj @ 02/28/2002 10:20 AM PST

please, please tell me that wasn't a misread.

Posted by aaron @ 02/28/2002 01:24 PM PST

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