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03/21/2002 Entry: "Stuff!"

I swear, I'm not a computer size queen, but I think I want one.

(Then again, maybe I'm just predisposed to that sort of conspicuous consumption because of consumer trends in my neighborhood. If my zip code is to believed, I'm probably a Young Literati or a Bohemian Mix. I feel so dirty now.)

(Links via Chris and Kris.)

Replies: 2 comments

I am kindly refered to as a 'Stylish Single', they've got me in a nutshell haven't they?

Posted by Buni @ 03/22/2002 04:01 AM PST

How awful! I'd be a Young Literati. Excuse me while I commit suicide.

Posted by Laura @ 03/23/2002 07:16 PM PST

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