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03/24/2002 Entry: "True Rules about Moving."

  • When they say that "a bunch of brawny French guys" will be showing up to help load stuff, what they really mean is that a couple scrawny Frenchmen will show up after all the heavy stuff is loaded into the trucks and will take lamps and throw rugs in the backs of their Sentras.
  • When given the option, always take both trucks back to pick up the "last few things."
  • It's a bad idea to pack your credit cards on top of an open bag with clothes. It's a very bad idea to stuff this bag in the open back of a pick up, the one from out of which a chair fell on Freeway 80. It's further a bad idea to forget that said open bag was actually moved out of the back of that truck and then panic at the new place.
  • Follow basic moving advice. At least have more than six small boxes which you've been using all week to carry small carloads back and forth. Particularly when everyone arrives at 11 to help and realizes that nothing else in the house is packed.
  • Say what you will about the longevity of Ikea furniture; at least it's light to pick up and move.
  • You will threaten to throw everything you own away after moving someone else's things. You will not necessarily do this, because as George Carlin puts it, it might be someone else's shit, but if it's yours, it's your stuff.
  • After a bad moving experience, consider Professional Movers for your next move before you resort to more serious ways of dealing with your things.

(Seriously, I do hope my niece and her husband are happy in their new place in Sweet Home El Cerrito. However, I think I need to go lie down now. Ouch.)

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i'm still laughing about the "brawny french guys" 20 minutes later! maybe if a bunch of us post the term on our pages, we can give google something to find?

Posted by bj @ 03/28/2002 05:43 PM PST

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