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03/26/2002 Entry: "Seconds, anyone?"

It's been a quite a week for food trauma. First there was an office-wide trip out to Dim Sum. Unless the restaurant is expressly vegetarian, though, getting fed can be somewhat hit-or-miss. Conversation with the staff went along these lines:

Casey: Is this vegetarian?
Waiter: Sure. You eat fish?
C: No, I'm a vegetarian.
W: OK. Have this...Tofu with Seaweed.
C: (Taking a bite) Ugh, it's got shrimp in it! I though you said it didn't have fish in it?
W: (blank look) Shrimp's not fish...
C: (Sighing) Do you have vegetables?
W: How about stuffed portobello mushroom?
C: And there's no fish in it?
W: No.
C: No Shrimp?
W: No.
C: No meat at all?
W: No. Just portobello mushroom, stuffed with vegetables.
C: All right, then. (Takes a bite)
W: ...and chicken.

Then there was the Pizza after helping my niece move. There was no more cheese pizza left, so my father proceeded to eat all the meat off of a slice of "Deluxe" for me. Er, thanks, but that's OK. I'm not sure if I should consider that "supportive" of my vegetarianism or not. Then again, coming from a former butcher, I suppose that's something.

And then we ordered Thai food last night, which was at least vegetarian (I think.) Now, "Dumb" is ordering a yellow curry when I know damn well that I'll be sick all night long because of it. "Stupid," however, will be tonight when I reheat the leftovers.

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I have nothing but love for vegetarians.

I once considered taking the leap myself. But then, out of nowhere, I realized that I love meat almost as much as I love coffee, smoking, and staring at beautiful men across crowded rooms.

And in order to give up one, I'd have to give up the other three, as I'd likely step up the remaining vices. Just imagine me, filterless cigarette dangling from my lips, a thermos of coffee tapped into an I.V., staring at you across a crowded room, blinking one eye at a time, shaking uncontrollably.

You can imagine why I kept eating my beefy goodness. But I totally support you. :)

Posted by Stephen @ 03/26/2002 10:36 PM PST

Well, so far I've eliminated two of those and greatly reduced the third. Maybe that's why my eyes hurt so when I come home at night.

Oh, and in a rare show of intelligence, the poopy-inducing curry went into the trash. I don't need this torture another night.

Posted by Casey @ 03/27/2002 01:14 AM PST

You should always avoid eating things that you know will cause excessive poopiness.

That's why I stay away from solid food. I don't need that in my life.

Posted by Stephen @ 03/27/2002 09:40 PM PST

I've had repetitive encounters with accidental meat lately. I order spicy drunken noodles with tofu and get Singapore noodles with chicken. At my friend's wake, they served mostaccioli and I thought it was vegetarian. I was given leftovers and found out last night as I was about to reheat it that it had tiny bits of beef in the sauce. Fun!

Posted by Jason @ 03/28/2002 09:46 AM PST

He said "accidental meat" heh heh. The sad thing is that it sounds like an apt description of my sex life.

Of course, I take every opportunity to sneak beef fat and nicotine into my roommate's food.

Posted by David @ 03/28/2002 03:20 PM PST

I've spent the last few years building up an immunity to Iocaine powder. No, wait, that's something else.

Posted by Casey @ 03/28/2002 04:21 PM PST

How very appropriate.

Posted by David @ 03/29/2002 03:25 PM PST

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