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03/28/2002 Entry: "Whatcha doin'?"

Um, I don't know. Working, and stuff. Why don't you go solve a jigsaw puzzle or go look at naked bear cubs, or even turn off the Internet or something?

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um, not to be too critical, and I've only spent one minute at the sight, but why did the first guy I click on at the CUB site have no body hair below the waist? (of course, his balls made me completely forget my preference for body hair.....)

Posted by bj @ 03/28/2002 05:00 PM PST

I made the mistake of first clicking on the photoset of the cute cub...humping a soft toy.

:: scoops eyes out with a spoon ::

Posted by Aldo Alvarez, gay celebrity @ 03/30/2002 01:26 AM PST

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