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03/30/2002 Entry: "Last Meals."

Tonight I'm going to the Movie Club with the Boyfriend. We're supposed to be discussing Monster's Ball. I have to publicly say thank you to George for all his research? I might be able to pretend that I know something about movies tonight.

The biggest problem I'm having is again food-related: We're supposed to bring something appropriate for the film. But let's face it: the last meals of those on death row tends towards burgers and fried chicken, not necessarily the best vegetarian fare. Why do I find it so intriguing to read about someone's last meal, whether pedestrian or gourmet?

I could avoid the death row issue and bring character appropriate food instead: chocolate ice cream with plastic spoons. Or little bottles of Jack Daniels.

Hm. That might make me the most popular, come to think of it.

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