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04/05/2002 Entry: "Monsters Are Such Interesting People."

There's no way I could win a link-traffic contest to Aldo Alvarez's Weblog. But I've been enjoying his weblog for a few weeks now, and I've certainly admired his work editing Blithe House Quarterly. Even though I won't win his contest, I'll have to pick up a copy of Interesting Monsters, since it comes well recommended.

I've thought about submitting short fiction I had started to B.H.Q., but if I really had the energy to write that much, I might also have updated my other Website more often than yearly. Could still happen; maybe, like I wrote in my diary, I just need a little time and space.

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oh my god, i haven't put your cd in the mail and i'm terribly terribly sorry. go to my site for where i've been. soon, soon. really.

Posted by pj @ 04/05/2002 07:07 PM PST

Pshaw. No worries, PJ.

Posted by Casey @ 04/07/2002 08:05 PM PST

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