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04/07/2002 Entry: "Mascara and Khaki Pants?"

I'm tempted to go to Death Rock Booty Call tonight at The Stud. I'm intrigued by their name alone. But I'm not sure I should:

1. I have to be at the National Sales Meeting tomorrow morning at 8AM. (Yes, I am a Graphic Designer. No, you shouldn't ask why I'm going to the Sales Training. Sob.)

2. The time change always screws up my schedule disproportionately. I'll probably be late to absolutely everything for the next week, and there's no need to make it worse by varying my schedule tonight.

3. Perhaps most importantly, I don't trust what they'll play for "death rock." I find it suspicious that the Website has more pictures of the girls who go there than playlists.

Pretentious, moi? Maybe, but then again, my iTunes playlist just jumped from KMFDM to RuPaul; so who am I to judge?

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last time i was at The Stud they played Leonard Coen's version of "The Passenger." I'd use "danceable," "death," and "rock" to describe the experience, but probably not in that order.

Go. It sounds like a blast. Don't forget to piant your face white and bring cloves.

Just kidding.

Posted by aaron @ 04/08/2002 09:39 AM PST

No, you're not kidding... you just may not know that you're not kidding.

Posted by Jason @ 04/09/2002 10:31 AM PST

I could bring cloves, I just wouldn't smoke them. When I failed to quit smoking the first time, I smoked cloves for a month; my rationalization was, how many of these could I possibly smoke a day? It had to be fewer than regular cigarettes.

It wasn't.

Eventually, when I started coughing up things that scared me, I switched back to Camel Lights. Though cloves might increase my Goth cred, I don't think I want to go down that road ever again.

Posted by Casey @ 04/09/2002 01:53 PM PST

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