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05/10/2002 Entry: "Exercise 6a: Dialogue Analysis."

Art Director: "...So what I hear you asking for now at...[checking watch]...6:30pm, is a completely different and remarkably more complicated project—a 180 degree change in direction from what you pitched to us at four. But we agreed to it then, so we're committed to doing this and still meeting the Monday deadline. Is that right?"
Marketing Manager: "Well...basically, yes."
AD: "So we're probably going to have to work all day Friday and Monday on it, potentially over the weekend, pushing all our other projects off to next week."
MM: "[Embarrassed] Yes, I guess so. Well....I'll get you guys lunch! We can bring lunch in."
AD: "..."
MM: "What do you want for lunch?"
AD: "...How about an hour off?"

Questions for discussion:
1. Was the Art Director being an asshole? Why or why not?
2. Would it make a difference if the pizza was really tasty?
3. Are they going to make their deadline? Will the world actually end if they don't?

Replies: 2 comments

4-6:30 is only two and a half hours. I know a restart after 150 minutes would put you basically 300 minutes behind schedule, but would that now-lost 150 minutes really have allowed the art department to have the weekend off?

Posted by Bryan @ 05/15/2002 12:35 AM PST

Art department? I meant me. :-) Yes, the 150 minutes lost would have been recoverable, but the updated request also doubled the workload.

Posted by Casey @ 05/15/2002 03:59 PM PST

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