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06/06/2002 Entry: "Comic Goodness."

Last week I wandered through When I Am King again and found they'd added wallpaper and press images. Pretty. (Excuse the verbification, but did I Paypal them? I don't remember now. I should.) I just caught up with Bee, a twisted and anxious little story. And now I'm anxious—I can hardly wait for the next episode. (Link via Mark.)

This morning's entertainment was Mashimoro. Because potty humor is always appreciated. (Link via Patric.)

And of course I made myself into a South Park Character.

I swear I'm going to finish a diary entry soon; I've got two started and a third in my head. Among them is my story of seeing Aaron and Robert this weekend at their lovely home. (Happy Birthday Sweetie! And a happy day-after to my dear friend Miss R., who I hope to see tonight at Bingo.)

In the meantime, though, I have to go shopping for things that I'm sure to get yelled at for later. ("What did you get that for? The old one was perfectly fine, except for the big holes in it and the backing flaking off!")

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