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06/10/2002 Entry: "Automatically Deflated."

Let me tell you, when I die, I'm gonna be so damn healthy. I bought my own Smigmo Sphincto Sphygmono blood pressure cuff and have been fairly religiously testing myself. (At the moment I seem to be on the high side of normal, or the low side of high, depending on your point of view.) Actually, I admit that I get a little too much pleasure out of testing people. The cuff came to work with me today, but I've been good and haven't attacked too terribly many of my coworkers with my madd boa constricta skillz.

But if you're in the South of Market area and need your blood pressure tested, you know who to ask.

Anyway, at five today, I was wilting like my leftover salad from lunch. I'll have you know that after a moment thinking about the peanut butter cookies in the vending machine, I decided to eat healthy now and have a little dessert later. I marched over to the cafe next door, and paid way too much for a mushy green apple. (Note to self: bring fruit from home.) As I stood in line, I was so damn proud of myself. So much so that I thought, momentarily, about buying myself a donut as a prize for being good.

Sigh. I think I know what my next obstacle will be to overcome.

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I know! Can you believe that the hotel is selling KrispyKreme!!! I have had 3 a day for the last week.

Posted by geno @ 06/11/2002 08:03 AM PST

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