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06/29/2002 Entry: "A Private Little Ceremony."

We ventured out into the sun for a little while to see my friends Sherilyn and Katrina in today's Domestic Partner Committment Ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes to these two wonderful women!

I think they said there were more than 200 couples there today! That was one crowded stage. Interesting couples abound, of course. I loved that there were people dressed in formals, and people in tank tops, and people in leathers, and people (well, just one couple) in matching hawaiian shirts. Those boys were wearing hilarious t-shirts underneath, which read, "JUST DOMESTICATED."

Well, I laughed, anyway.

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I laughed too. :)

And don't forget the lone goth couple. :) Thank you VERY much for attending, Sherilyn and I were both pleasantly surprised when we spotted you in the crowd.

Posted by Katrina @ 06/30/2002 06:51 PM PST

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