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06/30/2002 Entry: "All The Colors, Darkly."

queergoth2k2 (5k image)
Happy Pride Day to my friends celebrating in San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and New York, and to my queer friends wherever you are.

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I love the flag. :) Someone at the Chicago parade today was wondering where all the goths were...

Thank you, Casey, and happy pride to you.

Posted by Jason @ 06/30/2002 07:33 PM PST

that flag is fantastic!

so many uses. so many meanings.

goth pride. nouveau pride. anti-pride. minimalist pride. post-pride pride. chic pride.

why oh why didn't they let me into b-school. i would have known what to do with a brilliant gem like this.

you would have been rich as Midas.

Midas, I say.

Posted by aaron @ 06/30/2002 10:15 PM PST

ditto! great flag. Oh Happy Day, and all that, man!

Posted by bj @ 07/01/2002 02:08 PM PST

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