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08/16/2002 Entry: "Off- And Online Friends."

Speak of the devil: Katrina had just posted that our mutual friend Rain Graves was having a signing for her new book. (September 3rd at Borderlands Books in San Francisco.) Well, how happy was I to see her at a co-worker's art opening last night? I teased her about her signing ("Oh, right, there will only be three people there, huh?") and she told a far-too-commonly-heard story about finding other work while waiting for a check to come from the publisher. "The check is in the mail," indeed. If you like dark fiction and verse, or horror writing, check her out.

It's also good to see that my friend Mike is writing online again. And I'm not just saying that because he called me a "looker" on his site. (Say what? Are you OK there, Mike?)

I might also point out that I know a few people who play in the San Francisco Extreme Croquet Club, but I won't name names to protect the, er, guilty. Cocktails and croquet? Sounds like a good time to me.

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So you *have* been peeking at my little page of babble. I've been wondering about that.

I'm going to be dragging Sherilyn to Rain's signing (I feel it's only right that we go out and support her), maybe we'll see you there.

Posted by Katrina @ 08/19/2002 05:44 AM PST

Listen buddy... we're talkin' 20/20 over here! Everyone knows you're a big cutie. :-)

Posted by Mike @ 08/22/2002 10:35 AM PST

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