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08/20/2002 Entry: "Right Now, It's Only Pork Shoulder and Ham."

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002
To: info@ticketweb.com, bimbos@sirius.com
Subject: Unsolicited advertisement

To whom it may concern:

I recently received a marketing email from "bimbos@sirius.com" advertising an upcoming show at Bimbo's 365 Club. The email is addressed to [...], an address which I only use for purchases on the Ticketweb service.

If I have unknowingly "opted in" to receive email announcements from either organization, please tell me where I can remove my name from the list. If this is unsolicited mail, please remove me from that list immediately and do not sell, trade or exchange my information on any further. You may contact me regarding this matter and for purchase-related communications, but I do not wish to receive any further advertising from your companies.

I've had good service from Ticketweb and was looking forward to seeing other shows at Bimbos 365 in the near future, but I cannot support companies which engage in unsolicited "spam" email advertising. Thank you for your attention to this matter...I look forward to your responses.

Almost a week later and still no answer, not even an autoresponse; you don't think ticketweb would have lied on their Privacy Policy, do you? (batting eyelashes)

I guess I won't be seeing GusGus there, which is OK...we'll just go see Jim Campilongo that night instead.

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Devilled ham, though...too close...

Posted by Huntington @ 08/20/2002 01:04 PM PST

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