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09/10/2002 Entry: "The Goopy Mess Over Here."

I hate to use this space as a litany of whining (I heard that "too late" back there, smart-aleck) but I have to get some of this off my chest:

  • I'm sick: my nose is running, my ears are clogged up, my eyes itch, and my throat is sore.
  • There's too much that needs to be done for me to feel comfortable leaving the office early.
  • Not only do I look sick, but I suddenly need a haircut too. My head looked OK on Sunday; what happened?
  • All the other art staff and our Project Manager are out on leave this week, leaving me and our boss on the East Coast to manage and do everything this week.
  • We have now instituted 9AM conference calls every morning until the end of the month to manage this project. I can't tell if I hate mornings or conference calls more.
  • Yesterday was a 11 hour workday. Today looks to be long as well.
  • The company email system is down.
  • I have to use a coworker's machine, which is down the hall; I'm rapidly wearing a path between the two desks.
  • Both systems are running OS9 and software that makes them not very stable (*coughMacromediaFlashcough*.)
  • There was too much hot red pepper in my soup, and now my stomach is upset.
  • Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" keeps repeating in my head, meaning I must be near death and hearing Hell's Muzak.
  • I forgot to call my doctor again to reschedule my followup apppointment.
  • I have to reschedule said appointment because I have Jury Duty next week.

I'm sure some of my anger and irritability comes from the sheer force of will I'm expending trying not to think of last year at this time. A few not-very-pleasant things happened last year around this time, in addition to the event you remember oh-so-well. Mostly I just want the noise in my head to stop for a little while—the rushing of the ocean in my ears, the infernal soundtrack, the clatter of everything that's happening now and the unceasing voices demanding that I re-live then. Any one of these I could handle by itself; altogether, it's a little much.

So if you need me, I'll be the one cocooned in my own mucus. Thanks.

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Will there be herb tea and antihistamines in this Hell place? Hope so. Get well soon. Here, a tango or two until your head is clear...

Posted by Panchesco @ 09/10/2002 08:06 PM PST

Ugh. Get better soon, sweetie.

Posted by Jason @ 09/10/2002 10:45 PM PST

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