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09/13/2002 Entry: "When In Doubt, Blame The Medication."

What was I doing again?

Oh yeah, taking drugs. I'm not sure if this cup is full of Theraflu or Pledge; They taste about the same, and either way it's making my world swimmy and lemony-fresh. I had a complete brain freeze while answering the phone this evening; three sentences tried to escape my mouth at once and I stood there, sniffling into the phone, mouth open. Thankfully the person at the other end was patient with dealing with my temporary retardation.

There was some big thing that happened Wednesday. Oh, yes, that. I heard about six words on NPR and remembered that I Wasn't Listening to the Radio Today and shut it off. I suppose it wouldn't have mattered; I'd be in the same surreal glaze as today, as last year. (I got sick just about this time last year too. Who knew it was so seasonal?) (That's what having a Weblog is all about...tracking when you were last sick and when your last haircut was, something I always seem to forget.) (No, really, I sometimes wonder, when was my last haircut? Did I write about it in the blog? Can I look it up and see if its been over four weeks now?)

What was I saying? Oh, right.

Really, I didn't do anything different than usual to mark the anniversary; I went to the sites where I got firsthand news last year and saw what they were doing. And I got a well-timed letter from the ACLU, so I think I'll send them a donation. Otherwise I haven't had the mental capacity for much more than work, producing mucus and what kind of Doc Marten would I be (Um, the black one, duh!)

What was I doing now? Oh yeah, going to sleep, that was it.

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Creepy. I'm ensconced in mucous, but in the office because I can't afford not to be. My "haircut alarm" went off on Wednesday. I am putting off rescheduling a follow-up doctor's appointment.

Are we the same person?

Posted by William Ted @ 09/13/2002 11:24 AM PST

That is creepy. Maybe we are the same person. I've never seen us together. :-) What kind of Doc Marten were you?

Posted by Casey @ 09/13/2002 12:46 AM PST

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