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09/23/2002 Entry: "What Color Is It In Your World?"

This is not the redesign I threatened. It's just that the grey was starting to depress me. I wanted something with a little more sky in it and a little less Web.

Actually, it doesn't feel like I've done much Web-related stuff this weekend, for a change, even though I still managed to keep up with all my favorite weblogs. I've been busy enough in the Big Blue Room to keep everything balanced.

Saturday was the 28th Annual Jug Wine Festival. Friends of ours meet on the third Saturday of September and bring a bottle of cheap wine—preferably under five dollars and bonus points for bottles larger than 750ml. This year I brought a bottle of Dumisani, a blended white wine from South Africa ($3.99 at Trader Joe's) I won an award for "Best Wine Name!" It's actually a decent enough white, particularly for the price. The highly coveted prize for worst wine (harder to win than you think) went to Arbor Mist flavored wines. Only 6% alcohol, but over 50% artificial flavor; the most commonly used word in its description was "Kool-Aid." We had a lot of good wines, but more importantly, we had a lot of fun seeing a lot of nice folk out by the ocean.

Among other things I've done this weekend:

  • Corralled the dust rhinos out from under my bed, organized my porn photographs, flattened and organized plastic bags, and (finally) found my matte cutter. It's a good thing that I'm not more organized or else I'd never clean under there.
  • Carried new dining room chairs home ten blocks. I could have caught a cab, but I'm cheap. I should mention also that I did this in shorts, so if you noticed it was especially bright outside yesterday, that's why.
  • Realized too late that the Mashimoro figure I bought in Japantown is actually a car freshener. "Too late" in this instance means held close to the nose and sniffed vigorously.
  • Hallucinated that a blood-draw center in San Francisco was open on a Saturday. I will instead have to attempt to get there at times when I ordinarily wake up. I will remind them that I'm a wimp and need to lie down.
  • Ran to the grocery store and casually ogled a shirtless man in a leather harness waiting tables(!) at a nearby restaurant; I wondered momentarily if anyone makes a full-body hairnet. Oddly enough, scarcely an hour later, the same man flirted with Novice Edith and her Mother Lily as they brunched. As Mr. Rogers would say, these are the people in your neighborhood...
  • Served bagels and coffee in bed to the Boyfriend. Anyone who looks that cute wrapped naked in my sheets who also picks the poppy seeds out of the bed afterwards is a keeper.

But it's Monday. I'd better get some sleep before I have to go stick my head back inside the box. Say hello to the sky for me.

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I think my favorite wine company name is Fat Bastard.

Posted by Jason @ 09/23/2002 04:22 PM PST

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