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12/10/2002 Entry: "Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy, Stop!"

This is the last day of "work" I have this year. Technically, tomorrow is my last day, but I'm going to a seminar tomorrow. Not that it makes much difference, as there's not really any "work" to work on right now. Maybe I can get some online shopping done. (That is, if Amazon.com will stop annoying me with their "beta" catalog feature.)

Hedwig rocked. We saw it with the understudy and it still rocked (though I think we need to go back and see it with Kevin Cahoon, just for comparison's sake.) I'm getting to be an old man, though, and the 11 o'clock show with a couple cocktails in me nearly did me in. (I know it's an out-of-character drink for me, but mmm, that Pomegranate Cosmo was tasty!)

The Soft Cell concert was remarkably low-key, but I suspect that's because they cancelled on the day of the show. The British cab driver told us he thought he'd read about it that morning, but we wanted to know for sure. "What, you don't trust the Limey?" he joked. We told him we thought he was just in cahoots with the band—or more appropriately, that the band was in cahoots with him: he thanked us for the round trip fare. We tipped him well for the evening's entertainment.

In other news, I found a bed underneath the gift-wrapping station in my room. Who knew?!

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