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12/10/2002 Entry: "Enjoy My Fake Tree Corpse!"

Even though I'm only going to be here to enjoy it until Saturday night, I put up our gothy little tree last night. With a bottle of Wassail and our kittypr0n tape in the background, I'd say I was pretty spirited. That would explain the hyperactive lights in the windows. Also new this year, our spiders are being kept company by a half-dozen tiny black rats. Two sit at the feet of our Pretty Dolly Angel of Death, their tiny red eyes keeping careful watch.

I walked through Macys' Christmas shop tonight looking for a present for someone, but none of their trees looked like mine. Must have been an oversight on their part.

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...and our kittypr0n tape in the background...

Aw! We're flattered!

Posted by Katrina @ 12/11/2002 05:48 PM PST

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