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01/06/2003 Entry: "Now Is The Day For Me To Put A New One On The Top."

No, really, I've been doing more than just playing Spite and Malice, I swear. See, I had decided that I couldn't start writing here again until I'd at least summarized my trip to the East Coast. But by the time I sat down to actually write it, I was so tired of telling the story. It was boring me, and I'm sure it would bore you. So to compromise, and to get the ball rolling again, I'll tell you about my trip in Mad Ape Den. (Well, pretty close to valid Mad Ape Den, anyway.) (Link via Brad.)

Oh, how we did fly in NYC, as a bee may fly; Bzz-Bzz! I had set out a lot for us to see by day six, so we had to bob to and fro at day one! The air was icy, but ice was not on us (as it was not so wet.) The Emp. St. Bdg. in the PM, was a way-big icy air bit! Brr! We did go to see a gal and guy (and a pal or two of guy and gal) in a new act (and an act two, too.) The guy and gal and pal and the lot did not act bad, no sir! We saw the old hut for an ex-elf who was not in now, but we did go to see the Old Man in the Red Cap (you saw him too, I bet, on Dec. 25!) and to see the mad toy-buy bit out by him, but we did not put any bit of it in a bag for us. But, yes, we did go buy a new rag (or six) at H&M for us to put on--had to hit the ATM to pay. Ack! Saw art at the Dia (The BF was not so hot on it; Mod Art was rad, I say!) and at a big art box, and at an art hut or two. And we saw a big new sex pad too; it was so-so, but I was not sad I saw it. Had a hot tea at Big Cup—how gay! And we saw Jim C. (who was in SF but now is in NYC) do a set in a pub. His set was so hot. Go see him!

To DC we did go; it was a mad run to get on the R.R. car at all, but we sat and got to VA in the PM. (It is not far.) Saw the BF's Mom and Dad, and all the kin. Oh, how we did see kin! 22 of us sat to eat on Dec. 25! And ice was on our pad on the day too! Wow! I had to hum all day. We saw the big fir all lit up on W's lot in DC. One day we hit a new (to us) art pad in DC. I saw art I was in awe of. To fly is not so fun; and, as a tot by us wet on his dad, and had to cry and fit for all the way, it was not at all fun, I say. But now we are in SF, and all is not so bad. (The End.)

We return you now to your irregularly programmed schedule, already in progress.

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WElcome home.. We missed you.


Posted by Vince @ 01/06/2003 04:07 PM PST

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