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01/07/2003 Entry: "Unrelated."

At 11:15AM I got an email from my mother:
  "Did you see this cool new laptop? I need one!"

At 11:14AM I got a message from a coworker:
  "I'm selling my extremely well-maintained iBook, loaded with EVERY option...."

Ah, MacWorld; the magic begins. (I'll get to go on Friday, if not earlier. Please don't get that lighted keyboard too sticky in the interim.)

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Must... have... new... technology... need... bluetooth... need... blue-lit... keyboard... need... new... toys...

Posted by David @ 01/07/2003 09:34 PM PST

My best friend sent me that url a couple days ago with the message, "The new powerbook is so sexy I'm having to restrain myself from beating off right here in my office." Yikes. Mac people are freaky.

Posted by Becka @ 01/09/2003 09:14 AM PST

I like that this has made the prices of older ones crash down

Posted by Geno @ 01/09/2003 04:24 PM PST

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