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01/08/2003 Entry: "The Delicate and Ethically Repugnant."

It is nearly midnight—prime gaming hour in my house—but I am not going to turn on the PlayStation. No, I am not. No, really. I will not spend another night—all night, until a positively shameful hour of the morning—playing the morally reprehensible and ultra-violent (but fun) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. (Everyone who's heard of it but not played it asks about the prostitutes. How about armed robbery? Assassination? Mass murder? No, they all still want to hear about that (admittedly disturbing) bit with the prostitutes. [shrug])

I digress: tonight I will resist. Because I am instead going—at nearly midnight—to go to the grocery store for edible flowers. Because I am nothing if not in favor of contrasts.

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Perhaps at some point in the future, you will post about the best PlayStation games for two players? My beloved "Mavado" got a PlayStation for the Christian holiday and already we grow weary of the catsupy pillowfight that is Mortal Combat. I like planes and flying. He just likes winning. Any suggestions?

Posted by Panchesco @ 01/09/2003 12:03 AM PST

I admit am still a neophyte to such things myself. I played the newest 007 game with a 10-year-old, who pretty consistantly beat me (hey, I was new at the game) but conceded that I was better at it than his father. That was kind of fun for a first-person shooter, but doesn't sound like your cup o' java. Two players with flying? Hm. I'll have to get back to you.

Posted by Casey @ 01/09/2003 12:24 AM PST

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