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01/22/2003 Entry: "Ding Dong, The Witch Is All, Like...Uhh?"

Normally it would excite me that the PC is broken and I have to do all my work on a Mac. But today, nearly everything I need to finish needs to be checked on the PC. Not to be too Feissian about it, but it's really, like...a bummer.

And since I'm complaining talking about work already...while I still claim that I work with some exceptionally smart and talented people, if I hear the phrase "very unique" one more time during a presentation, I may scream. (And, no, I don't care if I am being pedantic about it, either.)

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...if I hear the phrase "very unique" one more time...

In 1999 I was slapped down by Poppy Z. Brite in Caitlin R. Kiernan's newsgroup for using the phrase "very unique." Since then, I've *never* forgotten that particular grammar rule. :)

Posted by Katrina @ 01/23/2003 01:44 PM PST

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