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01/23/2003 Entry: "Unreasonable Expectations?"

There were no palm fronds laid under my footfalls.

There were no fine oils rubbed onto my back, nor scented linens laid upon my shoulders upon my entrance. Wine was not poured; honeyed figs were not proffered. There were no nubile male virgins there to accomodate my every need. (OK, there was the one teenage salesguy with acne, but that's not what I mean.) In fact—and I'm sorry to confess this to the others in the Cult of Macintosh—as far as I can tell, it was just a store. Somehow I guess I expected more from my first time. Sigh.

Not that that stopped me from buying stuff, mind you.

(But nothing very exciting, as the Sales Associate in the Pottery Barn informed me afterwards. Again, I find that my life doesn't measure up to P.B. standards. Alas.)

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you know apple is all about clean lines and surfaces! What did you buy pray tell...

Posted by geno @ 01/23/2003 01:11 PM PST

Oh, a copy of The Sims: Hot Date (Thanks Mom!) and a USB hub. Mister Pottery Barn was hoping for an iPod.

Posted by Casey @ 01/23/2003 01:20 PM PST

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