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04/07/2003 Entry: "I'm A Bad Babysitter."

The other thing the Inner Child has been pestering me about is "New Games!" You've got plenty of games you haven't finished yet, I tell it patiently. "New Games! Want Now!" Not to mention all the other things you ought to be doing with yourself like writing email and redesigning your site and designing a few projects for friends and, heck, turning off the computer once in a while. "No! Work Yucky! New Games NOW!" I find that I'm starting to lose patience with myself. Look, will a quick play of the Amplitude demo make you shut up about it for a while? "OK...Mmm...No! Want new games! Like Chris!" I sigh. Chris just had a birthday, that's why he got a new GameCube. You don't need one. "Do Too! Need to play Aminal Crossing!"

Hee, those little animals really are cute...No! Must keep quiet...don't smile...Wait...I'm considering giving digital crack to my Inner Child? Well, yes...I mean, it's on sale. What to do, what to do....I'll play some more Zelda: Oracle of Ages while I decide.

No, this post was not sponsored by Nintendo™.

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You buy it for your inner child, and I will come play it with him... Then I don't have to..


Posted by vince @ 04/09/2003 04:33 PM PST

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