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04/07/2003 Entry: "Haiku Savings Time."

    sun rises later
    but shines on the hours i sleep.
    daylight loser time.

    the switch this year was
    not that bad; i am only
    fifty minutes late.

    i hope to adjust
    to the new regime of time
    before october.

Replies: 3 comments

Actually the sun rises later but it still sucks because now the night is delayed by an hour. I hate summer and the long days.

Posted by Todd @ 04/07/2003 12:20 AM PST

    you are correct, todd;
    but regardless of the time
    i sleep through sunrise.

    i should not attempt
    scientific cleverness
    before my coffee.

    though unnoticed by
    most, to correct my error,
    i hit "edit post."

Posted by Casey @ 04/07/2003 12:57 AM PST

I agree on both points . . . the time change sucks . . . and blank verse is the only appropriate way to describe the universe.

Posted by William Ted @ 04/07/2003 06:13 PM PST

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