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04/13/2003 Entry: "The Tone of Wrong."

You know when you've been listening to too much Laurie Anderson (come on, work with me here) and you find that...you start...phrasing things...in that way...like...she would do?

We just got back from seeing Word Jazz pioneer Ken Nordine perform live and I feel like I'm suddenly going to start speaking very obliquely and metaphorically. Watch the videos. "'Cause when you've flipped your lid, you've flipped your id. It's that simple. And that complicated."

However, right now I'm sitting at my desk trying to come up with Ad Copy. Word Jazz isn't exactly the right tone for Enterprise Hosting and Dedicated Server Systems either. (And you're right, this is not exactly a Larry Tate moment, though a tequila and orange juice cocktail is making it all a bit more palatable.)

I'm distracted because I broke down and bought a Cube of Game today, and I'm itching to go play Crossing of Animals; but if I don't finish this ad I'll be standing in the Line of Unemployment tomorrow. So off I go.

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What time am I coming over to play?

Posted by vince @ 04/14/2003 10:07 AM PST

When are you buying PSO so we can beat stuff up together?

Posted by Jason @ 04/14/2003 03:33 PM PST

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