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05/02/2003 Entry: "Luddite Weekend."

There's one child coming with us up to Mendocino this weekend, the one with whom I've played Pokémon. The one who said I didn't suck as bad as his dad did at the James Bond game. (Note the subtext there: I still sucked at it. That's 10-year-old boys for you.) We get along pretty well among a bunch of adults because of the video game connection. But he's on restriction for undisclosed bad behavior and is not allowed access to entertainment technology. No TV, no Playstation, Nothing.

I'm debating whether or not to join him in luddite solidarity and leave all my electrical entertainment bits home. No Gameboy. No PalmPilot. No iPod. I mean, it seems hardly fair to sit in front of the child and play Zelda, you know? I could bring my book, my crossword puzzles, my travel board games. Traveling light. I might fit everything in one bag. Besides, I could really get away from it all, get back to nature, realign my spirit with the universe....

On the other hand, he's the one on restriction. Will the GameCube will fit in my suitcase? I suppose not. Darn.

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That's it! Casey! You're on restriction (for undisclosed reasons) from all technology while in Mendocino. Instead, you'll occupy yourself with wild flowers, massages, and all the jam you can handle down at that little shack on the end of the row before you hit the shore.

Posted by aaron @ 05/02/2003 10:21 AM PST

Ah, yes! Say hi to the jam shack for me!!

Posted by William Ted @ 05/02/2003 11:46 PM PST

Actually, the GameCube fits quite nicely into luggage or a backpack...I take mine whenever I go home to see the parents. My dad likes playing Super Monkey Ball and it's something for me to do after their 9:00 bedtime, after all.

Posted by Max @ 05/05/2003 12:08 AM PST

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