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05/18/2003 Entry: "Press A To Continue."

I live. I've been crazy-busy between work, visiting with Jason, and previewing the games Jason brought with him. (I can't decide if I actually enjoy playing Mario Party 4 or if I just enjoy prodding my brain's 10-year-old-boy lobe. And gods protect me if I ever get involved in Phantasy Star Online.)

We're off today on our final bit of sightseeing, a walk down Valencia Street including stops at The Pirate Store and Good Vibrations. We're meeting at Espresso Bravo at Valencia and 18th in about an hour, if you'd like to join us there. Hopefully my mini-camera won't fail me this time, like it did at the Japanese Tea Garden on Thursday.

Update: Good times, good times. Seven of us made the voyage; the rest of you can relive the pirate store with us here. The Bounty!

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Arrrrh, matey. Actually, that thing I'm holding wasn't an earring, it was a bookmark!

None of us got pictures of Karl. What were we thinking?

I had way too much fun in SF. I'm definitely coming back.

Posted by Jason @ 05/20/2003 09:22 AM PST

It was a great day, and I loved that pirate store. The larder, not so thrilled about.

To visit, Jason. You will return to v-i-s-i-t.

Posted by jhames @ 05/21/2003 10:09 AM PST

Trust me, Jhames, I've decided. I don't foresee me moving to another city any time soon.

After the soon, we'll see. :)

Posted by Jason @ 05/21/2003 11:25 AM PST

Borderlands Books is at 866 Valencia and the Pirate Store is at 826--if only we'd kept walking! *sob* All these years of pirate depravation, never knowing the pirate mecca was just a few more shops away!

Posted by Katrina @ 05/25/2003 06:55 PM PST

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