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05/20/2003 Entry: "It's Getting Hot In Herre..."

At lunch the three of us were talking about how the warm weather was really pulling our energy levels down.
  "Oi, it's just too hot."
  "Ugh. This weather is horrible."
We pass by a couple of guys outside of Crunch! Gym, who immediately comment to each other about how beautiful they think the weather is.
  "It's too warm to concentrate, is the problem."
I surreptitiously eyed the guys around us with short-midriffed shirts and sculptural arms in short sleeves and thought, Yeah, lack of concentration. What were we talking about again?
  "It's like summer started. And I just want to go lie down and die in it." I think they're overstating the case a bit, but I understand what they mean.
  "A couple passed me on the street yesterday," I begin, "And were very obviously discussing me as they passed by. One said, 'How can anyone wear black in this heat?' Then the other said, 'Oh, I know, that's so dumb.'"
  "They said that?"
  "How rude!"
  "I know. But I was too hot to say anything about it, though." We laugh.
  "Oh, I can't stand this. I really don't want to go back to work."
  "I think I need to leave early because I'm not feeling well."
  "Uh-huh, maybe you should leave for the Emergency Room right now." We laugh.
  "No really. I don't know how I'm going to get anything done sweating like this."

Then we went back to our windowless, air-conditioned office for another four hours.

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Its times like those that make you want to carry around an umbrella, at least in Miami.

Posted by Hankis V @ 05/27/2003 07:58 PM PST

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