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06/11/2003 Entry: "Uric Acid Washed."

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, I don't wanna work on Maggie's Farm no more.

At 10 this morning I was already cursing at my computer. Chicken Little projects arrive in my inbox, squawking and frantically flapping. ImageReady cringes and cries at my approach. I'm eating pickle slices for lunch and drinking lemonade—and the lemonade tastes like it was made with mop water. I've got a pimple and a bad haircut. I'm the sourest person in the world today. I'm making my own salt and vinegar potato chips by just looking at plain ones.

I am out of the office all next week to go back to the Washington DC area, so I'm having difficulty finding the capacity to care about anything that happens at work. (Not sure if I'll have the free time to run into any local bloggers like Matt or Jimbo, but I hope so.) Actually, lately I've found it difficult to feel enthusiastic about anything besides porn, Animal Crossing, and shovelling food into my mouth. And I wonder why I feel bloated and my wrist is sore?

But I have no time to analyze why. Because it's time for our department's ice cream social.

I am so not kidding.

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Mmmmmm Ice Cream.... Now that should sweeten ya up little mr. sour britches.

Posted by sillynun @ 06/11/2003 05:18 PM PST

Put the pickle slices on a grilled cheese sandwich sometime. You'll forget about the potato chips your making. Oh and I kiss you!

Posted by Panchesco @ 06/11/2003 09:11 PM PST

drop me an e-mail, we could meet. Stick with the vanilla, by the way. Anything more robust will get you talked about...Here's the performance evaluation: "ate neapolitan ice cream, surefire ambitious, ostracizer, does not share well, exhausts resources...and so on"

Posted by beenhexed @ 06/12/2003 05:53 AM PST

You mean . . . there are other interesting things in life besides porn, games, and food?

That doesn't sound like a slump . . . it sounds like a vacation!

Posted by William Ted @ 06/12/2003 09:06 AM PST

An ice cream social?

What's next, the Sadie Hawkins Dance?

Posted by Jason @ 06/16/2003 08:42 AM PST

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