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06/13/2003 Entry: "Missed It By That Much."

Posted on a flier in the kitchen:

"Don't forget that department meetings are today! If you look around and notice that everyone in your department is gone, you're probably missing it."

I think I've been missing it all week. And not just the meeting.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my mood is tremendously better on the Friday before a week off. I'm almost looking forward to going somewhere with summer, if nothing else for contrast. We don't get much of it here in San Francisco, so I'm a bit out of practice; I have to try to remember how to dress for 85 degrees and humid. I think naked was always the most comfortable choice, but I'm not sure that'll go over very well at the high school graduation.

It feels like I have a lot to do before we leave, but I don't think I really do. Mostly I'm going to be busy seeing movies in the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival—four of them in the next three days. Yikes. I'm just hoping that those aren't really the actual festival trailers (Get it? Huh? Trailers?) they'll show before the films or else The Boyfriend may have to put up with me booing them every time I see them this year. (Or hissing; I must remember to bring a snake in my bag.)

Regardless, I think my work here is done for today. And if there are meetings that I might possibly miss next week, please rest assured that I, for one, will not be missing them.

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mmmm vacation

Posted by sillynun @ 06/13/2003 10:13 PM PST

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