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07/10/2003 Entry: "Anyone Fancy A Shake?"

I should also note that I am currently experiencing an infestation of the Fast Food Song earworm. For the love of all that is holy, somebody kill me.

And I'm craving Taco Bell, as you might imagine.

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I feel your pain, your wonderful and addictive pain. I sing this song to myself when I'm driving, when I'm puttering around the house, when I'm just staring into space. It is a big shiny monkey on my back that smells like french fries (how's that for a metaphor?)...

Posted by Max @ 07/11/2003 01:00 PM PST

Hmm. I just registered at fastfoodrockers.co.uk.

With Casey's e-mail address.

(I didn't mean to: I was checking to see if he had an account to login.)

Posted by Colin @ 07/11/2003 01:18 PM PST

[Covers his eyes with his arms]

Don't worry Colin, I'll forward the newsletter to you. Trust Me, I Will...

(Note: Others may use "test@example.com" if you'd like to explore the member sections of the Fast Food Rockers site without signing up for the newsletter.)

Posted by Casey @ 07/11/2003 02:17 PM PST

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