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07/11/2003 Entry: "The Intersection Of What, Now?"

You know, when I heard that a Pirate hit a Sausage, I, like a lot of right-minded people, thought they meant Pirates and Sausages. Then, as I was contemplating possible intersections of the two, I naturally wondered what Jason would think. See how this all works?

(Under no circumstances, however, did I ever contemplate the intersection of Sausage and Peaches.)

Well, remembering his glowing recommendation of the show, I noticed that Treasure Island of Las Vegas, the well known Buccaneer Bay Battle is currently closed; besides updating the pyrotechnics and such, they're also rewriting the show as "The Sirens of Treasure Island," where skimpily dressed pirate lasses will now fight alongside the tightly-panted lads, or something. The New Vegas, like the old Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for female pirates, but I'm pretty sure that they're planning something more along the lines of showgirls with eyepatches. Softcore Pirate Porn. And I'm suspicious that someone didn't pitch this as a way to "make the whole pirate thing less gay," but that's merely paranoid supposition on my part.

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You're trying to be the best future-neighbor ever, aren't you? :)

Posted by Jason @ 07/13/2003 07:19 PM PST

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