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07/12/2003 Entry: "Sitting In The Dark."

I scratched my eye the other day; for the past few days it's been red and felt a little irritated, as if there were a speck of something in a contact lens. It's better today, but I'm not doing it any favors by staying up until all hours the past few nights, and this weekend I will be buffeting it with 16 hours of black-and-while films in the Silent Film Festival this weekend. At least it'll be dark. Have eyedrops, will travel.

If you go, look for me. I'll be the guy with one huge red eye.

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Excuse me. Weren't you supposed to be at my house at 10:15?

If anyone is planning on meeting us there, we may be a little late.

Posted by The Boyfriend @ 07/12/2003 10:38 AM PST

Sorry, darling! Whoopsie! My mistake!
(*&$#@ timestamps...)

Posted by Casey @ 07/12/2003 11:42 PM PST

Ahahahahaha! The Boyfriend rocks like a Magikist! :D

Posted by Jason @ 07/13/2003 06:23 PM PST

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