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07/15/2003 Entry: "All Things Considered."

I am the million dollar man
will somebody show me where to stand?
I'm not afraid to be alone
all I need is water and a phone
I am only half a man
I have only half a plan
if you want to ride with me
I'll keep you company
—Imperial Teen, "Million $ Man"


  • Not having a present ready for my mother's birthday today (Though I won't see her today anyway, and I know she'd say she doesn't need anything...but I think The Boyfriend had a great idea of what to get for her, so it's coming.)
  • Not having my writing project for work done at 9AM like I said
  • Not putting down Harry Potter #5 after page 100 like I promised
  • Needing a nap right about now (see above)
  • Getting bad news about a project I'm involved in at work
  • Getting behind in another project because of a third, annoying project
  • Having a sore back and wrist at work
  • Hair that, even coated with generous amounts of gel, unexpectedly stands up like I'm touching a Vandegraaff generator (or occasionally just does its Alfalfa imitation instead)

...I'm in a pretty good mood. By all accounts, I probably shouldn't be, but who am I to protest?

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apply powder to my face
anything you see can be replaced

Dude, I warned you that it was addictive!

Posted by David @ 07/15/2003 07:56 PM PST

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