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07/25/2003 Entry: "Donut Flavored Cough Drops."

I have a sore throat. So I'm following that old saying, feed a fever, starve a cold, shovel as much wet food as your hands can lift down a sore throat. Really I don't need a snack at this hour, but I also didn't need to shake the pulp-free orange juice container, and I did that anyway.

At least I tried to make it a healthier snack than usual. I balanced (no pun intended) a piece of bread on the glass and picked up an apricot and a sweet donut peach. (I kid you not, that's what they're called. A handsome graying man shopping at Trader Joes saw me eyeing the tiny little things suspiciously and told me, "They're really good." He smiled, and I told him that I appreciated the endorsement. He walked away in his jogging suit and I considered warning him that I'd hold him responsible and chase him down if they weren't good, but he was in track pants and had a running start.)

I resisted the urge to juggle, particularly since a) one of the items was a full glass of juice, and b) I do not know how to juggle. The peach was pretty good, actually, but I do have to warn you about setting one down next to your mouse. It's about the right shape, sure, but the buttons don't really click all that well.

I haven't even broken into the cough syrup yet. I think it's going to be a long day tomorrow. Er, today.

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