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07/28/2003 Entry: "Abandoning Lust for Sloth."

I didn't make it out to the Dore Alley street fair. I got home with best intentions but also new games that were on sale. Once I got out of the shower and started debating what to wear, it all seemed like too much effort. So I didn't bother. I put on shorts and camped in front of the PlayStation—until about 3AM. I approximated the Dore Alley Street Fair experience by stripping the muscular character down to his codpiece and making him walk around town that way.

Nuns invaded the house briefly after the fair ended, fixing their makeup and feathers before going back out for dinner and cocktails. I waved hello. I had food stains on my A-shirt and hadn't really brushed my hair. One of the nuns looked at me like I was from another planet. He was wearing 3 pounds of glitter and a costume which exposed his nipples. It's all about perspective.

Today the Boyfriend said he hoped I hadn't brought home any guys in leather. I told him that it was like that old Playstation billboard said: "If he's at home, he can't cheat on you." Wait, does Leather Armor count?

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